Lower Cretaceous turbidites in the Shiquanhe-Namco Ophiolite Mélange Zone, Asa area, Tibet: Constraints on the evolution of the Meso-Tethys Ocean
A new GIS-compatible methodology for visibility analysis in digital surface models of earth sites
Global significance of oxygen and carbon isotope compositions of pedogenic carbonates since the Cretaceous
Probabilistic analysis of tunnel displacements based on correlative recognition of rock mass parameters
Andean orogenic signature in the Quaternary sandy barriers of Southernmost Brazilian Passive Margin-Paradigm as a source area
Paleocene-early Eocene post-subduction magmatism in Sikhote-Alin (Far East Russia): New constraints for the tectonic history of the Izanagi-Pacific ridge and the East Asian continental margin
Recycled carbon degassed from the Emeishan plume as the potential driver for the major end-Guadalupian carbon cycle perturbations
Buoyance-driven hydrocarbon accumulation depth and its implication for unconventional resource prediction
In situ characterization of forearc serpentinized peridotite from the Sulu ultrahigh-pressure terrane: Behavior of fluid-mobile elements in continental subduction zone
Ga isotopic fractionation in sulfides from the Yuhuang and Duanqiao hydrothermal fields on the Southwest Indian Ridge
Characterization of amphiboles from the Kola super-deep borehole, Russia by Raman and infrared spectroscopy
Geochemistry and geochronology of A-type basement granitoids in the north-central Aravalli Craton: Implications on Paleoproterozoic geodynamics of NW Indian Block
A new hybrid framework of site selection for groundwater recharge
No more blind dates with calcite: Fluid-flow vs. fault-slip along the Očkov thrust, Prague Basin
Decoupled δ13Ccarb and δ13Corg records at Triassic-Jurassic boundary interval in eastern Tethys: Environmental implications for spatially different global response
Zircon U-Pb geochronology and Hf isotope geochemistry of magmatic and metamorphic rocks from the Hida Belt, southwest Japan
Australasian microtektites across the Antarctic continent: Evidence from the Sør Rondane Mountain range (East Antarctica)
On the cratonization of the Arabian-Nubian Shield: Constraints from gneissic granitoids in south Eastern Desert, Egypt
Grenvillian and early Paleozoic polyphase metamorphism recorded by eclogite and host garnet mica schist in the North Qaidam orogenic belt
A new combined framework for sustainable development using the DPSIR approach and numerical modeling