Biocalcification crisis in the continental shelf under ocean acidification
Tidal drag and westward drift of the lithosphere
Tin transport and cassiterite precipitation from hydrothermal fluids
Spatial flood susceptibility mapping using an explainable artificial intelligence (XAI) model
Late Cryogenian–Ediacaran magmatism in southern Borborema Province, NE Brazil: Ages, sources, petrogenesis, and tectonic setting
Multi-wing butterfly effects on catastrophic rockslides
Control of inherited structural fabric on the development and exhumation of passive margins – Insights from the Araçuaí Orogen (Brazil)
Laser ablation (in situ) Lu-Hf dating of magmatic fluorite and hydrothermal fluorite-bearing veins
Exploring the tectonostratigraphy of the Pakistan Himalaya with new detrital zircon geochronology and neodymium isotope data from the Kaghan Valley
Carbon isotope evidence for shale gas preservation conditions and large methane release over million years: A case study of shale gas reservoirs of Wufeng and Longmaxi Formations in the Sichuan Basin
Devonian continental arc magmatism in the southern Central Asian Orogenic Belt: Evidence from the Dunhuang Block, NW China
Ensemble learning framework for landslide susceptibility mapping: Different basic classifier and ensemble strategy
Zircon within chromitite requires revision of the tectonic history of the Eoarchean Itsaq Gneiss complex, Greenland
Synchronous formation of the 'forearc' Bay of Islands ophiolite and its basal high-temperature metamorphic sole constrained by U–Pb zircon ages
Empirical assessment of the role of the Sun in climate change using balanced multi-proxy solar records
Fluid effect on zircon O and U-Pb isotopes during ultrahigh-pressure metamorphism: Insights from the Dora-Maira Massif of the Western Alps
Does green growth in E-7 countries depend on economic policy uncertainty, institutional quality, and renewable energy? Evidence from quantile-based regression
Crustal architecture and metallogeny associated with the Paleo-Tethys evolution in the Eastern Kunlun Orogenic Belt, Northern Tibetan Plateau
Machine-learning based landslide susceptibility modelling with emphasis on uncertainty analysis
Seamount chains and hotspot tracks: Superficially similar, deeply different
Investigating the implications of technological innovations, financial inclusion, and renewable energy in diminishing ecological footprints levels in emerging economies
Eclogites and basement terrane tectonics in the northern arm of the Grenville orogen, NW Scotland
Paleocene A-type igneous suites in the Sikhote-Alin (the East Asian continental margin): Petrological, geochronological, isotopic, and geodynamic constraints
Effect of chemical composition on zircon radiation damage dating: Implications for low-temperature thermochronology
Hydrochemical evolution of groundwater in northwestern part of the Indo-Gangetic Basin, India: A geochemical and isotopic approach
Shale oil resource evaluation with an improved understanding of free hydrocarbons: Insights from three-step hydrocarbon thermal desorption
Ophiolites: Identification and tectonic significance in space and time
Linking sedimentary provenance, climate and tectonics in the Neoproterozoic Seridó Belt, Borborema Province (NE Brazil)
A new method for evaluating the oil mobility based on the relationship between pore structure and state of oil
Global distribution of geothermal gradients in sedimentary basins
Corrigendum to “Strategies towards robust interpretations of in situ zircon oxygen isotopes” [Geosci. Front. 14(2) (2023) 101523]