Grain crushing in geoscience materials–Key issues on crushing response, measurement and modeling: Review and preface
Effects of particle size on crushing and deformation behaviors of rockfill materials
Quantification of displacement and particle crushing around a penetrometer tip
Experimental and numerical investigation of Weibullian behavior of grain crushing strength
A study on particle breakage behavior during pile penetration process using acoustic emission source location
Cyclic liquefaction screening of sand with non-plastic fines: Critical state approach
Effect of mineralogy on friction-dilation relationships for simulated faults: Implications for permeability evolution in caprock faults
A combined method to model grain crushing with DEM
Study on the particle breakage of ballast based on a GPU accelerated discrete element method
Modeling for critical state line of granular soil with evolution of grain size distribution due to particle breakage
Modeling the effect of wetting on the mechanical behavior of crushable granular materials
Bounding surface plasticity model for stress-strain and grain-crushing behaviors of rockfill materials
Evidence for Mesoproterozoic collision, deep burial and rapid exhumation of garbenschiefer in the Namaqua Front, South Africa
Orbital control on cyclical organic matter accumulation in Early Silurian Longmaxi Formation shales
Genesis of the Wulong gold deposit, Liaoning Province, NE China: Constrains from noble gases, radiogenic and stable isotope studies
New measurement of melting and thermal conductivity of iron close to outer core conditions
Crustal density structures and isostasy beneath the Western North China craton, Trans-North China Orogen, and surrounding regions
Petrology, geochronology, and geophysical characterization of Mesoproterozoic rocks in central Illinois, USA
Characterization of partial melting events in garnet-cordierite gneiss from the Kerala Khondalite Belt, India
Integrated model for earthquake risk assessment using neural network and analytic hierarchy process: Aceh province, Indonesia
Subduction channel fluid-rock interaction: Indications from rutile-quartz veins within eclogite from the Yuka terrane, North Qaidam orogen
Intra-continental deformation and tectonic evolution of the West Junggar Orogenic Belt, Central Asia: Evidence from remote sensing and structural geological analyses
Variation in mantle lithology and composition beneath the Ngao Bilta volcano, Adamawa Massif, Cameroon volcanic line, West-central Africa
Geochemistry and detrital zircon records of the Ruyang-Luoyu groups, southern North China Craton: Provenance, crustal evolution and Paleo–Mesoproterozoic tectonic implications
Sodium-rich volcanic rocks and their relationships with iron deposits in the Aqishan–Yamansu belt of Eastern Tianshan, NW China