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Cyclicity related to solar activity in lacustrine organic-rich shales and their significance to shale-oil reservoir formation
Role of metasomatized mantle lithosphere in the formation of giant lode gold deposits: Insights from sulfur isotope and geochemistry of sulfides
Articulating CO2 emissions limiting roles of nuclear energy and ICT under the EKC hypothesis: An application of non-parametric MMQR approach
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Singularity of lithosphere mass density over the mid-ocean ridges and implication on floor depth and heat flow
The geoscience knowledge system, ontology and knowledge graph for data-driven discovery: Preface
Geoscience Frontiers 2022 Annual Convention
Linking the Gawler Craton and Mount Isa Province through hydrothermal systems in the Peake and Denison Domain, northeastern Gawler Craton
Global volcanic arc magma composition correlates with thickness of both arc crust (Moho depth) and arc lithosphere (LAB depth): A revealing message on arc basement histories and arc magmatism
Cenozoic low temperature cooling history of the eastern Lhasa terrane: Implications for high-relief topography of external drainage area in the southern Tibetan Plateau
Petrogenesis of granitic pegmatite veins: Perspectives from major element and B isotope in tourmalines, Chakabeishan, Northern Tibetan Plateau
Large earthquakes along slow converging plate margins: Calabrian Arc paleoseismicity based on the submarine turbidite record
Contribution of the cryosphere to runoff in "Chinese water tower" based on environmental isotopes
Genesis of Makeng-type Fe-polymetallic deposits in SE China: New constraints by geochronological and isotopic data from the Dapai–Makeng metallogenic system
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