A first-principles study of helium diffusion in quartz and coesite under high pressure up to 12GPa
Chemical transformations of n-hexane and cyclohexane under the upper mantle conditions
Raman and infrared spectroscopic quantification of the carbonate concentration in K2CO3 aqueous solutions with water as an internal standard
High-pressure investigations on the isostructural phase transition and metallization in realgar with diamond anvil cells
Can HHe+ exist at high pressure: Exploration of high pressure induced HF-He compounds
Geochemistry of core sediments from the southeastern Bay of Bengal: Inferences on weathering and early diagenetic changes
Evaluation of deep learning algorithms for national scale landslide susceptibility mapping of Iran
Carbon cycle variability in tropical Atlantic across two Early Eocene hyperthermals
Paleozoic convergence processes in the southwestern Central Asian Orogenic Belt: Insights from U-Pb dating of detrital zircons from West Junggar, northwestern China
Depositional age and tectonic environment of the Gouap banded iron formations from the Nyong group, SW Cameroon: Insights from isotopic, geochemical and geochronological studies of drillcore samples
Integration of zircon and apatite U-Pb geochronology and geochemical mapping of the Wude basalts (Emeishan large igneous province): A tool for a better understanding of the tectonothermal and geodynamic evolution of the Emeishan LIP
Multistage mineralization in the Haoyaoerhudong gold deposit, Central Asian Orogenic Belt: Constraints from the sedimentary-diagenetic and hydrothermal sulfides and gold
Gold and antimony metallogenic relations and ore-forming process of Qinglong Sb(Au) deposit in Youjiang basin, SW China: Sulfide trace elements and sulfur isotopes
Spatial landslide susceptibility assessment using machine learning techniques assisted by additional data created with generative adversarial networks
Landslide susceptibility mapping using machine learning algorithms and comparison of their performance at Abha Basin, Asir Region, Saudi Arabia
Constraining the links between the Himalayan belt and the Central Myanmar Basins during the Cenozoic: An integrated multi-proxy detrital geochronology and trace-element geochemistry study
Structural and tectonothermal evolution of the ultrahigh-temperature Bakhuis Granulite Belt, Guiana Shield, Surinam: Palaeoproterozoic to recent
Corrigendum to “Characterization of partial melting events in garnet-cordierite gneiss from the Kerala Khondalite Belt, India” [Geosci. Front. 11 (2020), 597-611]
A unified model for the formation and distribution of both conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon reservoirs
Inclusive Multiple Models (IMM) for predicting groundwater levels and treating heterogeneity
Diversified roles of mineral transformation in controlling hydrocarbon generation process, mechanism, and pattern
Unusual dinosaur trackway preservation as clues to paleo-landscape and behavior from the Lower Cretaceous Luohe Formation, Shaanxi Province, China
Volcanic emissions and atmospheric pollution: A study of nanoparticles
A GIS tool for infinite slope stability analysis (GIS-TISSA)
Reconstructing seafloor age distributions in lost ocean basins
Hydrogeochemical characterization and quality assessment of groundwater using self-organizing maps in the Hangjinqi gasfield area, Ordos Basin, NW China
Calculation of groundwater head distribution with a close barrier during excavation dewatering in confined aquifer
Avalonia, get bent!-Paleomagnetism from SW Iberia confirms the Greater Cantabrian Orocline
Transformation of PGM in supra subduction zones: Geochemical and mineralogical constraints from the Veria (Greece) podiform chromitites
Maximum depositional age estimation revisited
Pristine atmospheric condition over the Third Pole: An insight from levoglucosan records
GIS-based landslide susceptibility modeling: A comparison between fuzzy multi-criteria and machine learning algorithms
Application of grouped detrital zircon analyses to determine provenance and closely approximate true depositional age: Early Cretaceous McMurray-Clearwater succession, Canada
High pressure geochemistry: Preface
Dehydration melting of amphibolite at 1.5 GPa and 800-950 ℃: Implications for the Mesozoic potassium-rich adakite in the eastern North China Craton
Reaction between basaltic melt and orthopyroxene at 3.0-4.5 GPa: Implications for the evolution of ocean island basalts in the mantle
Thermoelasticity and stability of natural epidote at high pressure and high temperature: Implications for water transport during cold slab subduction
Aluminum solubility in bridgmanite up to 3000 K at the top lower mantle
The effect of iron on the sound velocities of δ-AlOOH up to 135 Gpa
Thermal properties of harzburgite and dunite at 0.8-3 GPa and 300-823 K and implications for the thermal evolution of Tibet
Stability and band gap engineering of silica-confined lead halide perovskite nanocrystals under high pressure
High-pressure phase transformation of carbonate malachite Cu2(CO3)(OH)2 driven by [CuO6] regularization and [CO3] rotation
Deep mantle hydrogen in the pyrite-type FeO2-FeO2H system
The effect of nitrogen on the compressibility and conductivity of iron at high pressure
Adsorption behavior of CO2 in magnesite micro-pores at high temperature and pressure