State-of-the-art review of soft computing applications in underground excavations
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Karite – diamond fossil: A new type of natural diamond
O, H, and Sr isotope evidence for origin and mixing processes of the Gudui geothermal system, Himalayas, China
Metamorphism and geochronology of garnet amphibolite from the Beishan Orogen, southern Central Asian Orogenic Belt: Constraints from P-T path and zircon U-Pb dating
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Integrated U–Pb, Lu–Hf and (U–Th)/He analysis of zircon from the Banxi Sb deposit and its implications for the low-temperature mineralization in South China
Magnetochronology of Mid-Miocene mammalian fauna in the Lanzhou Basin, northeastern Tibetan Plateau: Implications for Asian mammal migration
Astronomical time scale of the Turonian constrained by multiple paleoclimate proxies
Pedogenically degenerated illite and chlorite lattices aid to palaeoclimatic reconstruction for chronologically constrained (8–130 ka) loess-palaeosols of Dilpur Formation, Kashmir, India
Metallogenesis and ore-forming time of the Changtuxili Mn–Ag–Pb–Zn deposit in Inner Mongolia: Evidence from C–O–S isotopes and U–Pb geochronology
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