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An examination by GC×GC-TOFMS of organic molecules present in highly degraded oils emerging from Caribbean terrestrial seeps of Cretaceous age
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Deformation at low and high stress-loading rates
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Time-resolved, defect-hosted, trace element mobility in deformed Witwatersrand pyrite
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Time scales and length scales in magma flow pathways and the origin of magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE ore deposits
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Linking gold mineralization to regional-scale drivers of mineral systems using in situ U-Pb geochronology and pyrite LA-ICP-MS element mapping
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Rates of generation and growth of the continental crust
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Magmatism and metamorphism at ca. 1.45 Ga in the northern Gawler Craton: The Australian record of rifting within Nuna (Columbia)
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Ages and Hf isotopes of detrital zircons from the Permian strata in the Bengbatu area (Inner Mongolia) and tectonic implications
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Middle-Late Triassic sedimentation in the Helanshan tectonic belt: Constrain on the tectono-sedimentary evolution of the Ordos Basin, North China
Jiaopeng Sun, Yunpeng Dong
2019, 10(1): 213-227. DOI: 10.1016/j.gsf.2018.05.017
Early Jurassic basal sauropodomorpha dominated tracks from Guizhou, China: Morphology, ethology, and paleoenvironment
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Evaluation of boron isotopes in halite as an indicator of the salinity of Qarhan paleolake water in the eastern Qaidam Basin, western China
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Tectonics induced switching of provenance during the Late Quaternary aggradation of the Indus River Valley, Ladakh, India
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The Puesto Piris Formation: Evidence of basin-development in the North Patagonian Massif during crustal extension associated with Gondwana breakup
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Cambro-Silurian magmatisms at the northern Gondwana margin (Penninic basement of the Ligurian Alps)
Matteo Maino, Laura Gaggero, Antonio Langone, Silvio Seno, Mark Fanning
2019, 10(1): 315-330. DOI: 10.1016/j.gsf.2018.01.003
Genesis of the Huoshenmiao Mo deposit in the Luanchuan ore district, China: Constraints from geochronology, fluid inclusion, and H-O-S isotopes
Sai Wang, Bing Li, Xingkang Zhang, Peng Wang, Weiwei Chao, Huishou Ye, Yongqiang Yang
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Composition and origin of lipid biomarkers in the surface sediments from the southern Challenger Deep, Mariana Trench
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2019, 10(1): 351-360. DOI: 10.1016/j.gsf.2018.01.004