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Assessing the impacts of current and future changes of the planforms of river Brahmaputra on its land use-land cover
Magnetic field hyperactivity during the early Neoproterozoic: A paleomagnetic and cyclostratigraphic study of the Katav Formation, southern Urals, Russia
Neotectonic transpressional intraplate deformation in eastern Eurasia: Insights from active fault systems in the southeastern Korean Peninsula
Urban green resilience: Experience from post-industrial cities in Poland
Early Cambrian high pressure/low temperature metamorphism in the southeastern Tarim craton in response to circum-Gondwana cold subduction
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Yanshanian-Himalayan geodynamic transformation of the northwestern Junggar Basin, southwestern Central Asian Orogenic Belt (CAOB), and its significance for petroleum accumulation
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Discrimination of Pb-Zn deposit types using sphalerite geochemistry: New insights from machine learning algorithm
The drift history of the Dharwar Craton and India from 2.37 Ga to 1.01 Ga with refinements for an initial Rodinia configuration
Comments on “Long-term performance evaluation of zero-valent iron amended permeable reactive barriers for groundwater remediation - A mechanistic approach” by Lawrinenko et al., Geoscience Frontiers 14 (2023) 101494
Reply to comment on “Long-term performance evaluation of zero-valent iron amended permeable reactive barriers for groundwater remediation-A mechanistic approach” by C. Noubactep, Geoscience Frontiers 14(2023), 101582
Spatial distribution and risk assessments of mercury in topsoils of Central Asia