Nature and evolution of the lower crust under central Spain: Inferences from granulite xenoliths (Calatrava Volcanic Field-Spanish central system)
From foredeep to orogenic wedge-top: The Cretaceous Songliao retroforeland basin, China
High-precision analysis of carbon isotopic composition for individual CO2 inclusions via Raman spectroscopy to reveal the multiple-stages evolution of CO2- bearing fluids and melts
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Multi-stage metallogeny in the southwestern part of South China, and paleotectonic and climatic implications: A high precision geochronologic study
Roller-coaster atmospheric-terrestrial-oceanic-climatic system during Ordovician-Silurian transition: Consequences of large igneous provinces
Population amount risk assessment of extreme precipitation-induced landslides based on integrated machine learning model and scenario simulation
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The effects of the source composition on the origin of orthopyroxene-bearing adakitic granitoid in West Qinling, Central China