Spatial variability of soil water erosion: Comparing empirical and intelligent techniques
A proto-monsoonal climate in the late Eocene of Southeast Asia: Evidence from a sedimentary record in central Myanmar
CaAl2Si2O8 polymorphs: Sensitive geothermometers and geospeedometers
Combined garnet, scheelite and apatite U–Pb dating of mineralizing events in the Qiaomaishan Cu–W skarn deposit, eastern China
Earthquake-induced liquefaction hazard mapping at national-scale in Australia using deep learning techniques
Lithospheric dripping in a soft collision zone: Insights from late Paleozoic magmatism suites of the eastern Central Asian Orogenic Belt
Change in carbonate budget and composition during subduction below metal saturation boundary
Hydrocarbon fluid inclusions and source rock parameters: A comparison from two dry wells in the western offshore, India
Multivariate statistical analysis of chemical and stable isotopic data as indicative of groundwater evolution with reduced exploitation
A Laurentian affinity for the Embu Terrane, Ribeira Belt (SE Brazil), revealed by zircon provenance statistical analysis
The significance of cherts as markers of Ocean Plate Stratigraphy and paleoenvironmental conditions: New insights from the Neoproterozoic–Cambrian Blovice accretionary wedge, Bohemian Massif
Correlations among large igneous provinces related to the West Gondwana breakup: A geochemical database reappraisal of Early Cretaceous plumbing systems
Geochronology and geochemistry of lithium-rich tuffs in the Sichuan basin, western Yangtze: Implication for the magmatic origin and final closure of eastern Paleo-Tethys
A tale of elemental accumulation and recycling in the metamorphosed Keketale VMS-type Pb-Zn deposit, Altai Mountains
Remnants of the amalgamation of the east and west Cathaysia blocks revealed by a short-period dense nodal array
Indian monsoon variability in the Mahanadi Basin over the last two glacial cycles and its implications on the Indonesian throughflow
Lithium extraction from salt lakes with different hydrochemical types in the Tibet Plateau
Exploring the factors affecting urban ecological risk: A case from an Indian mega metropolitan region
Developing an integrated urban ecological efficiency framework for spatial ecological planning: A case on a tropical mega metropolitan area of the global south
Efficient stochastic analysis of unsaturated slopes subjected to various rainfall intensities and patterns
Long-lived Nb-Ta mineralization in Mufushan, NE Hunan, South China: Geological, geochemical, and geochronological constraints
Lithospheric thinning and ignition of a Cordilleran magmatic flare-up: Geochemical and O-Hf isotopic constraints from Cretaceous plutons in southern Korea
Centrifuge modelling of landslides and landslide hazard mitigation: A review
Geochemistry and geochronology of multi-generation garnet: New insights on the genesis and fluid evolution of prograde skarn formation
Temperature and Hf-O isotope correlations of young erupted zircons from Tengchong (SE Tibet): Assimilation fractional crystallization during monotonic cooling