Genesis of the Maoling gold deposit in the Liaodong Peninsula: Constraints from a combined fluid inclusion, C-H-O-S-Pb-He-Ar isotopic and geochronological studies
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Double-sided subduction with contrasting polarities beneath the Pamir-Hindu Kush: Evidence from focal mechanism solutions and stress field inversion
Crucial control on magmatic-hydrothermal Sn deposit in the Tengchong block, SW China: Evidence from magma differentiation and zircon geochemistry
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Nanoscale mechanical property variations concerning mineral composition and contact of marine shale
Geoscience Frontiers 2021 Annual Convention
A continental back-arc setting for the Namaqua belt: Evidence from the Kakamas Domain
2.0 Ga orogenic graphite deposits and associated 13C-enriched meta-carbonate rocks from South China Craton: Implications for global Lomagundi event