Compressional origin of the Aegean Orogeny, Greece
The P-T-t-D evolution of the Mahabharat, east-central Nepal: The out-of-sequence development of the Himalaya
Metamorphic gradient modification in the Early Cretaceous Northern Andes subduction zone: A record from thermally overprinted high-pressure rocks
Geologic field evidence for non-lithostatic overpressure recorded in the North American Cordillera hinterland, northeast Nevada
Zircon age depth-profiling sheds light on the early Caledonian evolution of the Seve Nappe Complex in west-central Jämtland
The ~1.4 Ga A-type granitoids in the “Chottanagpur crustal block” (India), and its relocation from Columbia to Rodinia?
Metamorphic stages in mountain belts during a Wilson cycle: A case study in the central Sanandaj–Sirjan zone (Zagros Mountains, Iran)
Predicting the excavation damaged zone within brittle surrounding rock masses of deep underground caverns using a comprehensive approach integrating in situ measurements and numerical analysis
Metamorphism at convergent plate margins: Preface
Analysing the relationship between drought and soil erosion using vegetation health index and RUSLE models in Godavari middle sub-basin, India
Optimized functional linked neural network for predicting diaphragm wall deflection induced by braced excavations in clays
Advances of ferrous and ferric Mössbauer recoilless fractions in minerals and glasses
Uncertainty pattern in landslide susceptibility prediction modelling: Effects of different landslide boundaries and spatial shape expressions
An application of artificial intelligence for investigating the effect of COVID-19 lockdown on three-dimensional temperature variation in equatorial Africa
The petrogenesis of modern and ophiolitic lavas reconsidered: Ti-V and Nb-Th
Metallogenic model of the Shuangjianzishan Ag-Pb-Zn district, Northeast China: Revealed from integrated geophysical investigation
Evolution of nC16H34-water–mineral systems in thermal capsules and geological implications for deeply-buried hydrocarbon reservoirs
Paleo-oil reservoir pyrolysis and gas release in the Yangtze Block imply an alternative mechanism for the Late Permian Crisis
Evaluation and comparison of CMIP6 models and MERRA-2 reanalysis AOD against Satellite observations from 2000 to 2014 over China
Isotope hydrogeochemical models for assessing the hydrological processes in a part of the largest continental flood basalts province of India
Thermoelectric characteristics of semiconductor minerals in earth’s deep crust and their seismogenic significance
Geochronology and geochemistry of Cretaceous–Eocene granites, Tengchong Block (SW China): Petrogenesis and implications for Mesozoic-Cenozoic tectonic evolution of Eastern Tethys
Metallogenic ‘factories’ and resultant highly anomalous mineral endowment on the craton margins of China
Re-evaluating monazite as a record of metamorphic reactions
Generation of Nb-enriched mafic rocks and associated adakitic rocks from the southeastern Central Asian Orogenic Belt: Evidence of crust-mantle interaction
Partial dehydration of brucite and its implications for water distribution in the subducting oceanic slab
A geomorphological model of susceptibility to the effect of human interventions for environmental licensing determination (SHIELD)
Age and petrogenesis of late Mesozoic intrusions in the Huoluotai porphyry Cu-(Mo) deposit, northeast China: Implications for regional tectonic evolution
Dissociation of gas hydrates by hydrocarbon migration and accumulation-derived slope failures: An example from the South China Sea
Linking uplift and mineralisation at the Mount Novit Zn-Pb-Ag Deposit, Northern Australia: Evidence from geology, U–Pb geochronology and sphalerite geochemistry