Quantitative study on hydrocarbon expulsion mechanism based on micro-fracture
P-T path of metamorphism and U-Pb monazite and zircon age of the Kitoy terrane: Implication for Neoarchean collision in SW Siberian Craton
Testing final closure time of the Paleo-Asian Ocean along the Solonker suture by a transition of compressional and extensional setting
Petrology and geochemistry of South Mid-Atlantic Ridge (19S) lava flows: Implications for magmatic processes and possible plume-ridge interactions
Early Paleozoic geodynamic evolution of the Eastern Central Asian Orogenic Belt: Insights from granitoids in the Xing’an and Songnen blocks
Physics informed machine learning: Seismic wave equation
Apatite U–Pb dating and geochemistry of the Kyrgyz South Tian Shan (Central Asia): Establishing an apatite fingerprint for provenance studies
Petrogenesis and tectonic significance of the early Paleozoic Delenuoer ophiolite in the Central Qilian Shan, northeastern Tibetan Plateau
Source-to-sink of Late carboniferous Ordos Basin: Constraints on crustal accretion margins converting to orogenic belts bounding the North China Block
An analysis of vehicular exhaust derived nanoparticles and historical Belgium fortress building interfaces
A 32-million year cycle detected in sea-level fluctuations over the last 545 Myr
A machine learning approach to tungsten prospectivity modelling using knowledge-driven feature extraction and model confidence
Ophiolite hosted chromitite formed by supra-subduction zone peridotite –plume interaction
Multi-stage rodingitization of ophiolitic bodies from Northern Apennines (Italy): Constraints from petrography, geochemistry and thermodynamic modelling
Pb–Pb baddeleyite ages of mafic dyke swarms from the Dharwar Craton: Implications for Paleoproterozoic LIPs and diamond potential of mantle keel
A method to evaluate REE-HFSE mineralised provinces by value creation potential, and an example of application: Gardar REE-HFSE province, Greenland