High-resolution patterns of palaeoenvironmental changes during the Little Ice Age and the Medieval Climate Anomaly in the northwestern Iberian Peninsula
Recognition of two contrasting structural- and mineralogical-gold mineral systems in the Youjiang basin, China-Vietnam: Orogenic gold in the south and Carlin-type in the north
A missing link of the Proto-Tethys Ocean between the Qinling and Qilian orogens, China: Insights from geochronology and structural geology
A novel type of neural networks for feature engineering of geological data: Case studies of coal and gas hydrate-bearing sediments
Detrital zircon constraints on late Paleozoic tectonism of the Bogda region (NW China) in the southern Central Asian Orogenic Belt
Subaerial hot springs and near-surface hydrothermal mineral systems past and present, and possible extraterrestrial analogues
Plume interaction and mantle heterogeneity: A geochemical perspective
Timing of carbonatite-hosted U-polymetallic mineralization in the supergiant Huayangchuan deposit, Qinling Orogen: Constraints from titanite U–Pb and molybdenite Re–Os dating
The giant tin polymetallic mineralization in southwest China: Integrated geochemical and isotopic constraints and implications for Cretaceous tectonomagmatic event
Comparison of machine learning models for gully erosion susceptibility mapping
An origin of the along-arc compositional variation in the Izu-Bonin arc system
Conditioned duality between supercontinental ‘assembly’ and ‘breakup’ LIPs
Geochemistry and geochronology of mafic rocks from the Spanish Central System: Constraints on the mantle evolution beneath central Spain
East African topography and volcanism explained by a single, migrating plume
New discriminant-function-based multidimensional discrimination of mid-ocean ridge and oceanic plateau
Late Mesozoic topographic evolution of western Transbaikalia: Evidence for rapid geodynamic changes from the Mongol–Okhotsk collision to widespread rifting
Geochemistry, geochronology and Hf isotope of granitoids in the northern Alxa region: Implications for the Late Paleozoic tectonic evolution of the Central Asian Orogenic Belt
Constructing the latest Neoproterozoic to Early Paleozoic multiple crust-mantle interactions in western Bainaimiao arc terrane, southeastern Central Asian Orogenic Belt
Implications for the lithospheric structure of Cambay rift zone, western India: Inferences from a magnetotelluric study
Thermal conductivity of dense hcp iron: Direct measurements using laser heated diamond anvil cell
Neoarchean and Rhyacian TTG-Sanukitoid suites in the southern S~ao Francisco Paleocontinent, Brazil: Evidence for diachronous change towards modern tectonics
Volcano video data characterized and classified using computer vision and machine learning algorithms
Mapping favorable groundwater potential recharge zones using a GIS-based analytical hierarchical process and probability frequency ratio model: A case study from an agro-urban region of Pakistan
Paleoproterozoic juvenile magmatism within the northeastern sector of the S~ao Francisco paleocontinent: Insights from the shoshonitic high Ba–Sr Montezuma granitoids
Topography, structural and exhumation history of the Admiralty Mountains region, northern Victoria Land, Antarctica
An efficient framework for ensemble of natural disaster simulations as a service
Two new species of Mesozoic tree ferns (Osmundaceae: Osmundacaulis) in Eurasia as evidence of long-term geographic isolation
Comment on “Evidence for Mesoproterozoic collision, deep burial and rapid exhumation of garbenschiefer in the Namaqua Front, South Africa”
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