How many subductions in the Variscan orogeny? Insights from numerical models
Late Neoarchean volcanic rocks in the southern Liaoning Terrane and their tectonic implications for the formation of the eastern North China Craton
Cenozoic reactivation along the Late Triassic Ganzi-Litang suture, eastern Tibetan Plateau
Comment on “Using a modern analogue to interpret depositional position in ancient fluvial-tidal channels: Example from the McMurray Formation, Canada” by Andrew D. La Croix, Shahin E. Dashtgard, James A. MacEachern, Geoscience Frontiers, Volume 10, Issue 6, Pages 2219-2238
Reply to comment by Durkin et al. on “Using a modern analogue to interpret depositional position in ancient fluvial-tidal channels: Example from the McMurray Formation, Canada” by A.D. La Croix, S.E. Dashtgard, and J.A. MacEachern
Retraction notice to “Why would sea-level rise for global warming and polar ice-melt?”[Geosci Front 10 (2019) 481–494]
A scale-integrated exploration model for orogenic gold deposits based on a mineral system approach
Artificial intelligence in seismology: Advent, performance and future trends
Garnet fractionation, progressive melt loss and bulk composition variations in anatectic metabasites: Complications for interpreting the geodynamic significance of TTGs
Identifying the leucogranites in the Ailaoshan-Red River shear zone: Constraints on the timing of the southeastward expansion of the Tibetan Plateau
Assessment of geochemical and sedimentological characteristics of atmospheric dust in Shiraz, southwest Iran
Petrogenesis of the diamondiferous Pipe-8 ultramafic intrusion from the Wajrakarur kimberlite field of Southern India and its relation to the worldwide Mesoproterozoic (~1.1 Ga) magmatism of kimberlite and related rocks
Evolutionary biogeography on Ophiocordyceps sinensis: An indicator of molecular phylogeny to geochronological and ecological exchanges
Distribution of selenium and arsenic in differentiated multicellular eukaryotic fossils and their significance
Provenance bias between detrital zircons from sandstones and river sands: A quantification approach using 3-D grain shape, composition and age
Strategies towards robust interpretations of in situ zircon Lu–Hf isotope analyses
Dating long thrust systems on Mercury: New clues on the thermal evolution of the planet
How do machine learning techniques help in increasing accuracy of landslide susceptibility maps?
Proterozoic tectonothermal processes imaged with magnetotellurics and seismic reflection in southern Australia
Late Mesozoic magmatism in the Jiaodong Peninsula, East China: Implications for crust–mantle interactions and lithospheric thinning of the eastern North China Craton
Redox evolution of western Tianshan subduction zone and its effect on deep carbon cycle
Lead isotope evolution of the Central European upper mantle: Constraints from the Bohemian Massif
Metasomatism-induced wehrlite formation in the upper mantle beneath the Nograd-G€om€or Volcanic Field (Northern Pannonian Basin): Evidence from xenoliths
Organo-petrographic and geochemical characteristics of Gurha lignite deposits, Rajasthan, India: Insights into the palaeovegetation, palaeoenvironment and hydrocarbon source rock potential
Scattering and absorption imaging of a highly fractured fluid-filled seismogenetic volume in a region of slow deformation
3D model of Svecofennian Accretionary Orogen and Karelia Craton based on geology, reflection seismics, magnetotellurics and density modelling: Geodynamic speculations