Groundwater arsenic biogeochemistry-Key questions and use of tracers to understand arsenic-prone groundwater systems
Use and application of CFC-11, CFC-12, CFC-113 and SF6 as environmental tracers of groundwater residence time: A review
Dissolved organic matter tracers reveal contrasting characteristics across high arsenic aquifers in Cambodia: A fluorescence spectroscopy study
Arsenic variability and groundwater age in three water supply wells in southeast New Hampshire
Hydrogeochemical and multi-tracer investigations of arsenic-affected aquifers in semi-arid West Africa
Contrasting sorption behaviours affecting groundwater arsenic concentration in Kandal Province, Cambodia
Interplay of S and As in Mekong Delta sediments during redox oscillations
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Validation of basaltic glass adsorption capabilities from geothermal arsenic in a basaltic aquifer: A case study from Bjarnarflag power Station, Iceland
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Metamorphism and exhumation of basement gneiss domes in the Quadrilátero Ferrífero: Two stage dome-and-keel evolution?
Incipient charnockites from southern India: The role of brines
Late Mesozoic magmatism in the East Qinling Orogen, China and its tectonic implications
Provenance and tectonic setting transition as recorded in the Neoproterozoic strata, western Jiangnan Orogen: Implications for South China within Rodinia
Crystallization and impact history of a meteoritic sample of early lunar crust (NWA 3163) refined by atom probe geochronology
Alteration and mineralization styles of the orogenic disseminated Zhenyuan gold deposit, southeastern Tibet: Contrast with carlin gold deposit
Genesis of the Bianjiadayuan Pb-Zn polymetallic deposit, Inner Mongolia, China: Constraints from in-situ sulfur isotope and trace element geochemistry of pyrite
Challenges of identifying putative planetary-origin meteorites of non-igneous material
Origin of trondhjemite and albitite at the expense of A-type granite, Aravalli orogen, India: Evidence from new metasomatic replacement fronts
Magnetotelluric investigation of lithospheric electrical structure beneath the Dharwar Craton in south India: Evidence for mantle suture and plume-continental interaction
AMS studies on a 450 km long 2216 Ma dyke from Dharwar craton, India: Implications to magma flow
Phlogopite in mantle xenoliths and kimberlite from the Grib pipe, Arkhangelsk province, Russia: Evidence for multi-stage mantle metasomatism and origin of phlogopite in kimberlite
Origin and evolution of ore-forming fluid for the Gaosongshan gold deposit, Lesser Xing'an Range: Evidence from fluid inclusions, H-O-S-Pb isotopes