A Late Cretaceous ensimatic arc developed during closure of the northern branch of Neo-Tethys (central-northern Turkey)
Timings of early crustal activity in southern highlands of Mars: Periods of crustal stretching and shortening
Reassessment of historical sections from the Paleogene marine margin of the Congo Basin reveals an almost complete absence of Danian deposits
Potential groundwater recharge zones within New Zealand
The significance of U-Pb zircon ages in zoned plutons: the case of the Flamenco pluton, Coastal Range batholith, northern Chile
Early Permian Sunidyouqi suprasubduction-zone ophiolites in the central Solonker suture zone (Inner Mongolia, China)
Estimation of petrophysical parameters using seismic inversion and neural network modeling in Upper Assam basin, India
The role of aluminium in the preservation of microbial biosignatures
Cenozoic basin evolution of the Central Patagonian Andes: Evidence from geochronology, stratigraphy, and geochemistry
Petrology and Sr-Nd isotope systematics of the Ahobil kimberlite (Pipe-16) from the Wajrakarur field, Eastern Dharwar craton, southern India
Recycled oceanic crust as a source for tonalite intrusions in the mantle section of the Khor Fakkan block, Semail ophiolite (UAE)
Magma chamber growth models in the upper crust: A review of the hydraulic and inertial constraints
“Miles wide and miles deep” - Exploring the depth and breadth of geoscience during the first ten years of Geoscience Frontiers
Himalayan Tectonics: Preface
Protracted zircon growth in migmatites and In situ melt of Higher Himalayan Crystallines: U-Pb ages from Bhagirathi valley, NW Himalaya, India
Geochemistry of eclogites of the Tso Morari complex, Ladakh, NW Himalayas: Insights into trace element behavior during subduction and exhumation
Campaign-style U-Pb titanite petrochronology: Along-strike variations in timing of metamorphism in the Himalayan metamorphic core
Timing of metamorphism and deformation in the Swat valley, northern Pakistan: Insight into garnet-monazite HREE partitioning
Deconvolving the pre-Himalayan Indian margin - Tales of crustal growth and destruction
Preservation of a Paleoproterozoic rifted margin in the Himalaya: Insight from the Ulleri-Phaplu-Melung orthogneiss
Zircon U-Pb-Hf constraints from Gongga Shan granites on young crustal melting in eastern Tibet
Burial and exhumation history of the Xigaze forearc basin, Yarlung suture zone, Tibet
Inversion of two-phase extensional basin systems during subduction of the Paleo-Pacific Plate in the SW Korean Peninsula: Implication for the Mesozoic “Laramide-style” orogeny along East Asian continental margin
Hazardous elements and amorphous nanoparticles in historical estuary coal mining area
Geochemistry of an Alaskan-type mafic-ultramafic complex in Eastern Desert, Egypt: New insights and constraints on the Neoproterozoic island arc magmatism
High resolution facies architecture and digital outcrop modeling of the Sandakan formation sandstone reservoir, Borneo: Implications for reservoir characterization and flow simulation
Tectonic evolution of the West Kunlun Orogenic Belt along the northern margin of the Tibetan Plateau: Implications for the assembly of the Tarim terrane to Gondwana
Global kinematics of tectonic plates and subduction zones since the late Paleozoic Era