Metamorphic consequences of secular changes in oceanic crust composition and implications for uniformitarianism in the geological record
Frontiers in early Earth history and primordial life – Part II
Single planet formation regime in the high-ionization environment: Possible origin of hot Jupiters and super-Earths
Initiation of plate tectonics in the Hadean: Eclogitization triggered by the ABEL Bombardment
Influence of contamination on banded iron formations in the Isua supracrustal belt, West Greenland: Reevaluation of the Eoarchean seawater compositions
High-reliability zircon separation for hunting the oldest material on Earth: An automatic zircon separator with image-processing/microtweezers-manipulating system and double-step dating
A possible anorthositic continent of early Mars and the role of planetary size for the inception of Earth-like life
Secular change in lifetime of granitic crust and the continental growth: A new view from detrital zircon ages of sandstones
Origins of building blocks of life: A review
Essential cellular modules for the proliferation of the primitive cell
Structural geometry of orogenic gold deposits: Implications for exploration of world-class and giant deposits
Occurrence and conceptual sedimentary model of Cambrian gypsum-bearing evaporites in the Sichuan Basin, SW China
Hillslope coupled stream morphology, flow conditions, and their effects on detrital sedimentology in Garnet Canyon, Teton Range, Wyoming
Geochemistry of Harappan potteries from Kalibangan and sediments in the Ghaggar River: Clues for a dying river
Evidence of melt/rock interaction in the Cr-spinel bearing wehrlite rocks of Bangriposi, India: Implications for nature of the metasomatic agent
Partial melting of ultrahigh-pressure metamorphic rocks at convergent continental margins: Evidences, melt compositions and physical effects
Indian summer monsoon rainfall (ISMR) forecasting using time series data: A fuzzy-entropy-neuro based expert system
Secular change in earth processes: Preface
Exploring the metamorphic consequences of secular change in the siliciclastic compositions of continental margins
Evolution of Siderian juvenile crust to Rhyacian high Ba-Sr magmatism in the Mineiro Belt, southern São Francisco Craton
The dominant driving force for supercontinent breakup: Plume push or subduction retreat?