Paleoarchean bedrock lithologies across the Makhonjwa Mountains of South Africa and Swaziland linked to geochemical, magnetic and tectonic data reveal early plate tectonic genes flanking subduction margins
A review of Palaeoarchaean felsic volcanism in the eastern Kaapvaal craton: Linking plutonic and volcanic records
Highly refractory Archaean peridotite cumulates: Petrology and geochemistry of the Seqi Ultramafic Complex, SW Greenland
Nature and source of the ore-forming fluids associated with orogenic gold deposits in the Dharwar Craton
Corundum formation by metasomatic reactions in Archean metapelite, SW Greenland: Exploration vectors for ruby deposits within high-grade greenstone belts
Neoarchean granite-greenstone belts and related ore mineralization in the North China Craton: An overview
Geochemical systematics of the Mauranipur-Babina greenstone belt, Bundelkhand Craton, Central India: Insights on Neoarchean mantle plume-arc accretion and crustal evolution
Early Paleozoic tectonics of Asia: Towards a full-plate model
Ambient nanoparticles/nanominerals and hazardous elements from coal combustion activity: Implications on energy challenges and health hazards
A relational database of global U–Pb ages
Assessment of soil erosion in a tropical mountain river basin of the southern Western Ghats, India using RUSLE and GIS
Hydrogeochemical characteristics and evolution of the aquifer systems of Gonghe Basin, Northern China
Structure kinematics of a transtensional basin: An example from the Linnan Subsag, Bohai Bay basin, Eastern China
Geochemical evolution of the Mangalwar Complex, Aravalli Craton, NW India: Insights from elemental and Nd-isotope geochemistry of the basement gneisses
Magnetostratigraphy and 230Th dating of a drill core from the southeastern Qaidam Basin: Salt lake evolution and tectonic implications
Antarctic ice-sheet near-surface snowmelt detection based on the synergy of SSM/I data and QuikSCAT data