Geoscience Frontiers Referees 2017
Precambrian metallogeny, tectonics and correlations – Preface
The tectonics and mineral systems of Proterozoic Western Australia: Relationships with supercontinents and global secular change
Metallogenesis of Precambrian gold deposits in the Wutai greenstone belt: Constrains on the tectonic evolution of the North China Craton
Thermal history of a Late Mesoproterozoic paired metamorphic belt (?) during Rodinia assembly: New insight from medium-pressure granulites from the Aravalli-Delhi Mobile Belt, Northwestern India
Detrital zircon geochronology of the Lützow-Holm Complex, East Antarctica: Implications for Antarctica–Sri Lanka correlation
Episodic events in long-term geological processes: A new classification and its applications
Shuram–Wonoka carbon isotope excursion: Ediacaran revolution in the world ocean's meridional overturning circulation
The westward drift of the lithosphere: A tidal ratchet?
Source to sink zircon grain shape: Constraints on selective preservation and significance for Western Australian Proterozoic basin provenance
Heinrich events recorded in a loess–paleosol sequence from Hexigten, Inner Mongolia
Lithofacies modeling by multipoint statistics and economic evaluation by NPV volume for the early Cretaceous Wabiskaw Member in Athabasca oilsands area, Canada
Variation of singularity of earthquake-size distribution with respect to tectonic regime
Early Cretaceous I-type granites in the Tengchong terrane: New constraints on the late Mesozoic tectonic evolution of southwestern China
Early Holocene climate signals from stable isotope composition of ice wedges in the Chara Basin, northern Transbaikalia, Russia
Pennsylvanian glacimarine sedimentation in the Cushamen Formation, western North Patagonian Massif
Zircon U–Pb–Hf isotopic and geochemical characteristics of the Xierzi biotite monzogranite pluton, Linxi, Inner Mongolia and its tectonic implications
Geochemical characteristics of mafic and ultramafic rocks from the Naga Hills Ophiolite, India: Implications for petrogenesis
Petrogenesis of carbonatitic lamproitic dykes from Sidhi gneissic complex, Central India
Crustal structure and sedimentation history over the Alleppey platform, southwest continental margin of India: Constraints from multichannel seismic and gravity data
Investigation of gas content of organic-rich shale: A case study from Lower Permian shale in southern North China Basin, central China
Paleoproterozoic Nb–enriched meta-gabbros in the Quanji Massif, NW China: Implications for assembly of the Columbia supercontinent
Field report: Research along the Yarlung Suture Zone in Southern Tibet, a persistent geological frontier
Geoscience Frontiers 2017 Annual Convention