Deformation correlations, stress field switches and evolution of an orogenic intersection: The Pan-African Kaoko-Damara orogenic junction, Namibia
Seeing through the magnetite: Reassessing Eoarchean atmosphere composition from Isua (Greenland) ≥3.7 Ga banded iron formations
Correlation of the largest craters, stratigraphic impact signatures, and extinction events over the past 250 Myr
Visualising data distributions with kernel density estimation and reduced chi-squared statistic
Masirah – the other Oman ophiolite: A better analogue for mid-ocean ridge processes?
U–Pb geochronology and geochemistry of late Palaeozoic volcanism in Sardinia (southern Variscides)
Environmental assessment and nano-mineralogical characterization of coal, overburden and sediment from Indian coal mining acid drainage
Breccia-cored columnar rosettes in a rubbly pahoehoe lava flow, Elephanta Island, Deccan Traps, and a model for their origin
The production of iron oxide during peridotite serpentinization: Influence of pyroxene
Lithospheric stress in Mongolia, from earthquake source data
Elemental variations in glacier cryoconites of Indian Himalaya and Spitsbergen, Arctic
Climatic periodicities recorded in lake sediment magnetic susceptibility data: Further evidence for solar forcing on Indian summer monsoon
Calcite twinning strain variations across the Proterozoic Grenville orogen and Keweenaw-Kapuskasing inverted foreland, USA and Canada
Inverse modelling of aquifer parameters in basaltic rock with the help of pumping test method using MODFLOW software
Applications of the SW96 formulation in the thermodynamic calculation of fluid inclusions and mineral-fluid equilibria
New constraints on the P–T path of HT/UHT metapelites from the Highland Complex of Sri Lanka
Contemporaneous assembly of Western Gondwana and final Rodinia break-up: Implications for the supercontinent cycle
Intra-continental back-arc basin inversion and Late Carboniferous magmatism in Eastern Tianshan, NW China: Constraints from the Shaquanzi magmatic suite
Zircon geochronology reveals polyphase magmatism and crustal anatexis in the Buchan Block, NE Scotland: Implications for the Grampian Orogeny
Dinosaur footprint assemblage from the Lower Cretaceous Khok Kruat Formation, Khorat Group, northeastern Thailand