Deep seated magmas and their mantle roots: Introduction
Magmatic systems of large continental igneous provinces
Metasomatic origin of garnet xenocrysts from the V. Grib kimberlite pipe, Arkhangelsk region, NW Russia
Sheared peridotite xenolith from the V. Grib kimberlite pipe, Arkhangelsk Diamond Province, Russia: Texture, composition, and origin
Alakit and Daldyn kimberlite fields, Siberia, Russia: Two types of mantle sub-terranes beneath central Yakutia?
Interaction between protokimberlite melts and mantle lithosphere: Evidence from mantle xenoliths from the Dalnyaya kimberlite pipe, Yakutia (Russia)
Petrology, geochemistry and source characteristics of the Burpala alkaline massif, North Baikal
PGE mineralization and melt composition of chromitites in Proterozoic ophiolite complexes of Eastern Sayan, Southern Siberia
The latest geodynamics in Asia: Synthesis of data on volcanic evolution, lithosphere motion, and mantle velocities in the Baikal-Mongolian region
Mid-Miocene thermal impact on the lithosphere by sub-lithospheric convective mantle material: Transition from high- to moderate-Mg magmatism beneath Vitim Plateau, Siberia
Monomineral universal clinopyroxene and garnet barometers for peridotitic, eclogitic and basaltic systems
Evaluation of atmospheric corrections on hyperspectral data with special reference to mineral mapping
Subaqueous early eruptive phase of the late Aptian Rajmahal volcanism, India: Evidence from volcaniclastic rocks, bentonite, black shales, and oolite
Sedimentology, provenance and geochronology of the Miocene Qiuwu Formation: Implication for the uplift history of Southern Tibet
Regional representation of glaciers in Chandra Basin region, western Himalaya, India
Detrital zircon geochronology of quartzites from the southern Madurai Block, India: Implications for Gondwana reconstruction
Enhancing PIV image and fractal descriptor for velocity and shear stresses propagation around a circular pier
Geomorphic indices and relative tectonic uplift in the Guerrero sector of the Mexican forearc
A composite fall-slippage model for cliff recession in the sedimentary coastal cliffs
Field report: Exploring the Doonerak fenster of the central Brooks Range, Alaska, USA