Frontiers in early Earth history and primordial life – Part I
Population synthesis of planet formation using a torque formula with dynamic effects
Tandem planet formation for solar system-like planetary systems
The origin of high eccentricity planets: The dispersed planet formation regime for weakly magnetized disks
Ionization of protoplanetary disks by galactic cosmic rays, solar protons, and supernova remnants
Origin of the Earth: A proposal of new model called ABEL
Nuclear geyser model of the origin of life: Driving force to promote the synthesis of building blocks of life
Formation of anorthosite on the Moon through magma ocean fractional crystallization
Hadean Earth and primordial continents: The cradle of prebiotic life
Schreibersite on the early Earth: Scenarios for prebiotic phosphorylation
Why primordial continents were recycled to the deep: Role of subduction erosion
Subduction of the primordial crust into the deep mantle
A prolonged granitoid formation in Saglek Block, Labrador: Zonal growth and crustal reworking of continental crust in the Eoarchean
Reactions between olivine and CO2-rich seawater at 300 °C: Implications for H2 generation and CO2 sequestration on the early Earth
Chronological constraints on the Paleoproterozoic Francevillian Group in Gabon
Geoscience Frontiers 2016 Annual Convention
The Central Asian Orogenic Belt: Geology, Evolution, Tectonics and ModelsThe Central Asian Orogenic Belt: Geology, Evolution, Tectonics and Models, A. Kröner (Ed.), in: Contributions to the Regional Geology of the Earth, vol. 32, Borntraeger Science Publishers, Stuttgart (2015), 313 pp. ISBN 978-3-443-11033-8
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