Crustal growth history of the Korean Peninsula: Constraints from detrital zircon ages in modern river sediments
Early Permian arc-related volcanism and sedimentation at the western margin of Gondwana: Insight from the Choiyoi Group lower section
Late Carboniferous to early Permian sedimentary–tectonic evolution of the north of Alxa, Inner Mongolia, China: Evidence from the Amushan Formation
Geochemistry of the volcanic rocks from Bioko Island (“Cameroon Hot Line”): Evidence for plume-lithosphere interaction
Geochemistry of a paleosol horizon at the base of the Sausar Group, central India: Implications on atmospheric conditions at the Archean–Paleoproterozoic boundary
Payenia Quaternary flood basalts (southern Mendoza, Argentina): Geophysical constraints on their volume
Tectonic significance of dykes in the Sarnu-Dandali alkaline complex, Rajasthan, northwestern Deccan Traps
57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy study of organic rich sediments (source rocks) from test well CT-1, Chinnewala structure of Jaisalmer basin, India
Multiple and prolonged porphyry Cu–Au mineralization and alteration events in the Halasu deposit, Chinese Altai, Xinjiang, northwestern China
Eocene lignites from Cambay basin, Western India: An excellent source of hydrocarbon
Depositional environments and sequence stratigraphy of the Bahram Formation (middle–late Devonian) in north of Kerman, south-central Iran
Geophysical mapping of Vercelli Seamount: Implications for Miocene evolution of the Tyrrhenian back arc basin
Deep scientific drilling results from Koyna and Killari earthquake regions reveal why Indian shield lithosphere is unusual, thin and warm
Discovery of the chitinozoans Belonechitina capitata from the Shiala Formation of northeastern Garhwal-Kumaon Tethys Himalaya, Pithoragarh District, Uttrakhand, India