Continental reconstruction and metallogeny of the Circum-Junggar areas and termination of the southern Central Asian Orogenic Belt
Geochemical characteristics and tectonic setting of the Tuerkubantao mafic-ultramafic intrusion in West Junggar, Xinjiang, China
Geochronology and Sr–Nd–Hf isotopic composition of the granites, enclaves, and dikes in the Karamay area, NW China: Insights into late Carboniferous crustal growth of West Junggar
Main deposit styles and associated tectonics of the West Junggar region, NW China
Northward subduction-related orogenesis of the southern Altaids: Constraints from structural and metamorphic analysis of the HP/UHP accretionary complex in Chinese southwestern Tianshan, NW China
The final collision of the CAOB: Constraint from the zircon U–Pb dating of the Linxi Formation, Inner Mongolia
Large-scale thrusting at the northern Junggar Basin since Cretaceous and its implications for the rejuvenation of the Central Asian Orogenic Belt
Kinematics of syn-tectonic unconformities and implications for the tectonic evolution of the Hala'alat Mountains at the northwestern margin of the Junggar Basin, Central Asian Orogenic Belt
Fault on-off versus strain rate and earthquakes energy
Groundwater fluoride contamination: A reappraisal
Infrasound observations at Syowa Station, East Antarctica: Implications for detecting the surface environmental variations in the polar regions
The inception of a Paleotethyan magmatic arc in Iberia
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