Plate and plume tectonics: Numerical simulation and seismic tomography
United theory of biological evolution: Disaster-forced evolution through Supernova, radioactive ash fall-outs, genome instability, and mass extinctions
Three-step modernization of the ocean: Modeling of carbon cycles and the revolution of ecological systems in the Ediacaran/Cambrian periods
Ultra-hot Mesoproterozoic evolution of intracontinental central Australia
Importance of initial buoyancy field on evolution of mantle thermal structure: Implications of surface boundary conditions
Constraints on the geodynamic evolution of the Africa–Iberia plate margin across the Gibraltar Strait from seismic tomography
Geodynamics of oceanic plateau and plume head accretion and their role in Phanerozoic orogenic systems of China
Effects of slab geometry and obliquity on the interplate thermal regime associated with the subduction of three-dimensionally curved oceanic plates
Conjecture with water and rheological control for subducting slab in the mantle transition zone
Habitable Trinity