The first pterosaur 3-D egg: Implications for Pterodaustro guinazui nesting strategies, an Albian filter feeder pterosaur from central Argentina
Fault on–off versus coseismic fluids reaction
Petrogenesis of the crater-facies Tokapal kimberlite pipe, Indrāvati Basin, Central India
Flood basalt hosted palaeosols: Potential palaeoclimatic indicators of global climate change
Grain to outcrop-scale frozen moments of dynamic magma mixing in the syenite magma chamber, Yelagiri Alkaline Complex, South India
Petrogenesis of shoshonitic granitoids, eastern India: Implications for the late Grenvillian post-collisional magmatism
Upper crustal structure beneath Southwest Iberia north of the convergent boundary between the Eurasian and African plates
Comparisons of the suture zones along a geotraverse from the Scythian Platform to the Arabian Platform
Tourmaline from the Archean G.R.Halli gold deposit, Chitradurga greenstone belt, Dharwar craton (India): Implications for the gold metallogeny
Sensitivity of digital elevation models: The scenario from two tropical mountain river basins of the Western Ghats, India