Geophysical signatures of Precambrian shields and suture zones: Preface for thematic section
RETRACTED: Facies analysis and depositional environments of the Oligocene–Miocene Asmari Formation, Zagros Basin, Iran
Micro-textures in plagioclase from 1994–1995 eruption, Barren Island Volcano: Evidence of dynamic magma plumbing system in the Andaman subduction zone
Geological characteristics and tectonic significance of unconformities in Mesoproterozoic successions in the northern margin of the North China Block
Ancient terrane boundaries as probable seismic hazards: A case study from the northern boundary of the Eastern Ghats Belt, India
Proterozoic orogenic belts and rifting of Indian cratons: Geophysical constraints
Aeromagnetic signatures of Precambrian shield and suture zones of Peninsular India
The Rhyacian El Cortijo suture zone: Aeromagnetic signature and insights for the geodynamic evolution of the southwestern Rio de la Plata craton, Argentina
There is no such thing as the ‘Ediacara Biota’
The off-crust origin of granite batholiths
Mantle convection modeling of the supercontinent cycle: Introversion, extroversion, or a combination?
Late Permian to Triassic intraplate orogeny of the southern Tianshan and adjacent regions, NW China
Three-dimensional lithospheric density distribution of China and surrounding regions