Antarctica – A window to the far off land
Last deglacial relative sea level variations in Antarctica derived from glacial isostatic adjustment modelling
Biogeographical note on Antarctic microflorae: Endemism and cosmopolitanism
A spectroscopic study on the effect of ultra-violet solar radiation in Antarctica on the human skin fibroblast cells
Petrology and phase equilibrium modeling of sapphirine + quartz assemblage from the Napier Complex, East Antarctica: Diagnostic evidence for Neoarchean ultrahigh-temperature metamorphism
Refinement of the supercontinent cycle with Hf, Nd and Sr isotopes
The boring billion? – Lid tectonics, continental growth and environmental change associated with the Columbia supercontinent
Preandean geological configuration of the eastern North Patagonian Massif, Argentina
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Crustal structure of the western Indian shield: Model based on regional gravity and magnetic data
Tectonic evolution of the Dabashan orocline, central China: Insights from the superposed folds in the eastern Dabashan foreland
Post-Triassic thermal history of the Tazhong Uplift Zone in the Tarim Basin, Northwest China: Evidence from apatite fission-track thermochronology
Facies analysis and paleoenvironmental interpretation of Piacenzian carbonate deposits from the Guitar Formation of Car Nicobar Island, India
Provenance and tectonic setting of the Triassic Yidun Group, the Yidun Terrane, Tibet
A pre-Paleogene unconformity surface of the Sikeshu Sag, Junggar Basin: Lithological, geophysical and geochemical implications for the transportation of hydrocarbons