Intrusions of the Panxi region, China, and their magmatic ore deposits
Two stages of immiscible liquid separation in the formation of Panzhihua-type Fe-Ti-V oxide deposits, SW China
Textures and mineral compositions of the Xinjie layered intrusion, SW China: Implications for the origin of magnetite and fractionation process of Fe-Ti-rich basaltic magmas
Petrology and geochemistry at the Lower zone-Middle zone transition of the Panzhihua intrusion, SW China: Implications for differentiation and oxide ore genesis
Melting of carbonate wall rocks and formation of the heterogeneous aureole of the Panzhihua intrusion, China
Assimilation of carbonate country rock by the parent magma of the Panzhihua Fe-Ti-V deposit (SW China): Evidence from stable isotopes
Hydration vs. oxidation: Modelling implications for Fe–Ti oxide crystallisation in mafic intrusions, with specific reference to the Panzhihua intrusion, SW China
Structure of the Panzhihua intrusion and its Fe-Ti-V deposit, China
Global glaciations and atmospheric change at ca. 2.3 Ga
Mud volcano origin of the Mottled Zone, South Levant