The second continent: Existence of granitic continental materials around the bottom of the mantle transition zone
Formation mechanism of extension fractures induced by excavation of a gallery in soft sedimentary rock, Horonobe area, Northern Japan
Magnetic fabrics in characterization of magma emplacement and tectonic evolution of the Moyar Shear Zone, South India
Determination of the subcooled liquid solubilities of PAHs in partitioning batch experiments
Upgrading a regional groundwater level monitoring network for Beijing Plain, China
Combined U-Pb SHRIMP and Hf isotope study of the Late Paleozoic Yaminué Complex, Rio Negro Province, Argentina: Implications for the origin and evolution of the Patagonia composite terrane
Zircon U-Pb geochronology, geochemistry and Sr-Nd-Pb isotopes from the metamorphic basement in the Wuhe Complex: Implications for Neoarchean active continental margin along the southeastern North China Craton and constraints on the petrogenesis of Mesozoic granitoids
Continental velocity through Precambrian times: The link to magmatism, crustal accretion and episodes of global cooling
New methods for processing and interpreting marine magnetic anomalies: Application to structure, oil and gas exploration, Kuril forearc, Barents and Caspian seas
Were Late Cretaceous extinctions of gastropods selective by generic longevity?
The brackish-water bivalve Waagenoperna from the Lower Jurassic Badaowan Formation of the Junggar Basin and its palaeoenvironmental and palaeogeographic significance