Charnockites and charnockites
Charnockite microstructures: From magmatic to metamorphic
Multiple origins of charnockite in the Mesoproterozoic Natal belt, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
A geochemical perspective on charnockite magmatism in Peninsular India
Norite and charnockites from the Venda Nova Pluton, SE Brazil: Intensive parameters and some petrogenetic constraints
Phase equilibrium modeling of incipient charnockite formation in NCKFMASHTO and MnNCKFMASHTO systems: A case study from Rajapalaiyam, Madurai Block, southern India
The potential role of fluids during regional granulite-facies dehydration in the lower crust
Experimental and petrological constraints on local-scale interaction of biotite-amphibole gneiss with H2O-CO2-(K, Na)Cl fluids at middle-crustal conditions: Example from the Limpopo Complex, South Africa
Giant Induan oolite: A case study from the Lower Triassic Daye Formation in the western Hubei Province, South China
The pore-fracture system properties of coalbed methane reservoirs in the Panguan Syncline, Guizhou, China
Upper Paleozoic coal measures and unconventional natural gas systems of the Ordos Basin, China
Holocene environmental change and archaeology, Yangtze River Valley, China: Review and prospects
Effect of fracture-skin on virus transport in fractured porous media
Solid-solution partitioning of arsenic (As) in the paddy soil profiles in Chengdu Plain, Southwest China
Degassing of primordial hydrogen and helium as the major energy source for internal terrestrial processes
Protolith ages and timing of peak and retrograde metamorphism of the high-pressure granulites in the Shandong Peninsula, eastern North China Craton
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