Eurasia as the scene of the Late Cenozoic tectogenesis
Controls on lode gold mineralization, Romite deposit, South Eastern Desert, Egypt
The Tuerkubantao ophiolite mélange in Xinjiang, NW China: New evidence for the Erqis suture zone
Spinel + quartz-bearing ultrahigh-temperature granulites from Xumayao, Inner Mongolia Suture Zone, North China Craton: Petrology, phase equilibria and counterclockwise p-T path
Petrogenetic evolution of the felsic and mafic volcanic suite in the Siang window of Eastern Himalaya, Northeast India
An Early Cretaceous garnet-bearing metaluminous A-type granite intrusion in the East Qinling Orogen, central China: Petrological, mineralogical and geochemical constraints
Geochemistry of Late Triassic pelitic rocks in the NE part of Songpan-Ganzi Basin, western China: Implications for source weathering, provenance and tectonic setting
Extensional tectonics and sedimentary response of the Early–Middle Cambrian passive continental margin, Tarim Basin, Northwest China
Petrologic characteristics and genesis of dolostone from the Campanian of the SK-I Well Core in the Songliao Basin, China
A seismological evidence for the northwestward movement of Africa with respect to Iberia from shear-wave splitting
Deterioration of Early Holocene coral reef due to sea level rise along west coast of India: Benthic foraminiferal testimony
End Late Paleozoic tectonic stress field in the southern edge of Junggar Basin
Minimum critical thickness of dike for ore-bearing fluid injection: A new approach applied to the Shihu gold deposit, Hebei Province, North China
A robust behavior of Feed Forward Back propagation algorithm of Artificial Neural Networks in the application of vertical electrical sounding data inversion