Mineralogy under extreme conditions
Superimposed versus residual basin: The North Yellow Sea Basin
Structural features and deformational ages of the northern Dabashan thrust belt
Applications of the IAPWS-95 formulation in fluid inclusion and mineral-fluid phase equilibria
Tourmalinization at the Darasun goldfield, Eastern Transbaikalia: Compositional, fluid inclusion and isotopic constraints
Hydrodynamic analysis of clastic injection and hydraulic fracturing structures in the Jinding Zn-Pb deposit, Yunnan, China
Coal petrology and genesis of Jurassic coal in the Ordos Basin, China
Sapphirine granulites from Panasapattu, Eastern Ghats belt, India: Ultrahigh-temperature metamorphism in a Proterozoic convergent plate margin
Fracture development in shale and its relationship to gas accumulation