Wandering gravel-bed rivers and high-constructive stable channel sandy fluvial systems in the Ross River area, Yukon Territory, Canada
Geophysical signatures of fluids in a reactivated Precambrian collisional suture in central India
Further study on deep penetrating geochemistry over the Spence porphyry copper deposit, Chile
Crustal Poisson’s ratio anomalies in the eastern part of North China and their origins
The characteristic target-pattern regional ore zonality of the Nanling region, China (II)
A new perspective on evolution of the Baikal Rift
Geochemistry of hydrothermal gold deposits: A review
Magmatic Ni-Cu-(PGE) deposits in magma plumbing systems: Features, formation and exploration
Petrologic and geochemical characterization and mineralization of the metavolcanic rocks of the Heib Formation, Kid Metamorphic Complex, Sinai, Egypt
Determination of inner pressure for fluid inclusions by Raman spectroscopy and its application
Ramp facies in an intracratonic basin: A case study from the Upper Devonian and Lower Carboniferous in central Hunan, southern China
Introduction to thematic section on hydrodynamic studies of mineralization
An overview of hydrodynamic studies of mineralization
Effects of hydrocarbon generation on fluid flow in the Ordos Basin and its relationship to uranium mineralization
Numerical modelling of structural controls on fluid flow and mineralization
Finite element modeling of pore-fluid flow in the Dachang ore district, Guangxi, China: Implications for hydrothermal mineralization